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Heavy Duty I/M Program Truck Certification

FleetCrew are your trusted compliance partner for California rules and regulations. Allow FleetCrew to handle your California compliance obligations so you can focus on your business. FleetCrew are knowledgeable in the regulatory rules and requirements. FleetCrew have the infrastructure to aid the execution and organization in dealing with thousands of fleet and vehicle records at any one time.

The new Heavy Duty I/M Truck Certification Program will require fleets to obtain and submit quarterly inspection results to CARB for each vehicle in the fleet. This will require a certain level of skill, organization, software, an understanding of active engine codes, corrective actions, ability to source parts, and repair both engine and emission issues. This can easily overwhelm any company. Outsource your California compliance obligation to FleetCrew who can take care of everything for you. Reach out to your FleetCrew Emission Consultant for more information.


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